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Price: $4000 Per MT
Foreign matter 0.5% (max)
Black and Broken 5% (max)
On sieve screen 12% (max)
Moisture: 10% can be stored for 3 months, 1,5-2,5% can be stored for years.
Broken: 5% max
Foreign matter: 0.5% max
Weight: 2-3g each nut is arranged in A grade
Size: 17-20+ mm, 13-17mm, 10-13mm

Nutritional Composition:
80% fat, 9.2% protein, 7.9 % sugar, 6.4% fiber
Packaging is as per buyer’s request

– bag or vacuum bag 500g, 1kg or following requirement
– carton box
– container

Delivery Detail: 5 days



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