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  • Apple Wedges

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    Apple wedges are as sweet as candy, yet far more nutritional. They can be enjoyed alone or as an added ingredient to snack mixes, oatmeal and other foods. Simply munching on these wedges enables you to fully enjoy their chewy goodness. You can rehydrate dried apple slices to use as a recipe ingredient when fresh apples are not in season.

  • Dried Apple Rings

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    Naturally sweet dried apple rings are a soft, chewy, delicious alternative to candy. They are a healthy, tasty treat that can be enjoyed one flavorful ring at a time or added in larger amounts to a variety of recipes. Apple rings can easily be packed in a lunch bag or backpack. They’re loved by kids and adults.

  • Unsulphured dried apple rings are void of any chemical additives. A product that is dried naturally retains the pureness of flavor that you expect to find when you bite into it. With no additives you get the purest taste possible. These tasty, chewy rings can be devoured as a snack or used to enhance the flavor of numerous recipes.

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